Fang Clan; Spoiler. xD (Not edited)

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Fang Clan; Spoiler. xD (Not edited)

Post  summerthepancake on Thu Nov 18, 2010 9:04 pm

He proceeded down the steep and narrow edge of the mountain; his heart pounding with fear as rocks crumbled underneath his weary footpaws. He had been walking for hours on hard, sharp rock and he was almost reaching the Valley. As he rounded the mountainside, a haze of sunlight blinded him; he hesitated and waited for a cloud to cover it. The longer he waited, the more impatient he grew; he had enough of waiting and continued.
`A tiny rock slid out from underneath him and made the pup lose balance. With a howl, he had no choice but to jump off of the cliff. As he hurtled towards the solid earth below him, a flash of great light came from his mind. Many flashbacks and memories… even some things he had never seen in his life. What was this?

Thunder finally hit ground and lie there unconscious. Within a few moments he was awoken by the sound of a strange, echoing voice that seemed to flow through the air.

“Hello?” it called. Thunder did not respond; he felt a nudge.

“Do you live?” it echoed again. Thunder, now becoming more curious, opened his eyes – only to be blinded by a very bizarre light. He tried to look around it, but nothing worked; he fell back over again; Unconscious.
Birds chirped and the forest was alive with its usual sounds. Thunder’s ears twitched and he finally came to. Looking around, this time no light in his eyes, observed he was in a very obscure design of Forest. It was a circle of bright pink peach trees and he was in the center. No other trees in the forest were the same color.

“Where am I?” he murmured to himself. There was a subtle breeze.

A voice from behind startled him.

“Pup,” it rang, “Good to see that you are awake; that was quite a fall!” Thunder, now quite confused, turned around. He yelped at the pain in his shoulders, but his curiosity numbed the soreness eventually. His ears laid back – there stood what looked like a glowing white wolf.

“Who are you?” gasped Thunder, “What are you?”

“Don’t confuse me.” the wolf said.

“Confuse you? What do you—,”

“Hush, little one.” He interrupted. There was an odd silence and an ill wind. With a great flash of light, five other wolves with a blue haze appeared. Thunder jumped back and crouched. What was this? Where was he? He had to be dreaming.

~Wolf(COPYRIGHT 2010)


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Re: Fang Clan; Spoiler. xD (Not edited)

Post  Masterxmp on Thu Nov 18, 2010 9:10 pm

Stunning actually, I was taken in right from the start.
So please explain, who and more importantly what is Thunder? A dog or a person or a wolf or a mixture of the three? I'd like to read more, was this just an excerpt or have you just not worked much on this story?

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