Dragon's Wing || Intro + Chapter 1

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Dragon's Wing || Intro + Chapter 1

Post  summerthepancake on Thu Nov 18, 2010 9:08 pm

On a small island called Bejul and in a small island-village which was not far from the ocean of Urthica, lived a tiny group of people called the Wings. They were very close to one another; they always put family first. In that small village lived a little red wing child named Fluffy. She was the daughter of a very strong and loving mother by the name of Robin who had passed away recently. Her daughter was an inventor, dreamer, and an artist. Each day for her was a brand new day to explore a new part of the jungle in her backyard.
Through the door of the hut she ran, up the steps, and into her room. Fluffy plopped down onto her bed and stared at the ceiling. A lizard by the name of Rachoo slithered in and sat atop of her belly. She closed her eyes.
“Rachoo,” mumbled Fluffy, “I’m exhausted! Let’s play later.” At that, she turned over and Rachoo faceplanted into a pillow. With a smirk, he climbed up to Fluffy’s face and licked her cheek. She just mumbled and twitched. With a grunt, he scampered down to her belly and nudged her. Fluffy squealed and sat up, only to see Rachoo sitting on her lap.

“You little--!” Fluffy giggled as Rachoo squeaked and ran outside of the hut; she chased after him close behind. They both ran into the forest, and before they knew it, they had reached the deepest part of the forest – the clearing. A beautiful ray of sunshine sparkled on Fluffy’s ears and she sat down next to Rachoo. Exhaustedly, she and her little friend lied back and fell asleep.

A few hours later, Fluffy was awoken by the sound of branches snapping. Quickly, she stood up and surveyed the area and she had found nothing. Rachoo snorted as he slept deeply, basking in the warm sunlight. She picked him up and started to walk back to the village. A few steps forward and Fluffy heard another sound that was rather closer to her this time and she glanced back. A haze of yellow zoomed by and it seemed to hide behind a tree. Fluffy set Rachoo down and walked towards the sounds she was hearing.

There was a hesitant silence; just the breeze flowing through the treetops could be heard. Suddenly, Fluffy was startled by ‘that yellow haze’, which had tackled her to the ground. Frightened, Fluffy stared into the yellow-things eyes and she could see that it was just a young Wing of the same age. The Wing stared at her and said nothing; both of their fur frizzed out slightly in alert. Rachoo woke up from his peaceful slumber and stared at them; in instinct he charged at the yellow Wing and karate chopped her side, but fell backwards into the dirt. Finally, the yellow Wing spoke up.

“What are you doing here, red one?” she asked, standing up off of Fluffy, and then extending her hand to help her up.
“What am I doing here?” Fluffy questioned in reply, “I always explore the jungle.” The yellow Wing scratched her head, “I’ve never seen you back here often.”

“That’s because me and my pet lizard were playing and chasing each other, and then decided to lay down for a nap.” Fluffy yawned.

“That’s quite interesting. What is your name?”

“I’m Fluffy, what’s your name?”

“I’m Daisey.”

“That’s a pretty name.” Fluffy giggled, “Are you a wing? I’ve never seen you in our village before.”

“A Wing?” Daisey questioned, “What’s a Wing?”
Fluffy looked at her strangely. She had the look of a Wing, the markings of a Wing, and yet she didn’t know what a Wing was?

“Come on, I’ll show you my village!” she said, grabbing Daisey’s hand. Rachoo climbed onto Fluffy’s shoulder and all three of them went to the village.

~Wolf(COPYRIGHT 2010)


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Re: Dragon's Wing || Intro + Chapter 1

Post  Masterxmp on Thu Nov 18, 2010 9:17 pm

I like the slow build on this one.
These stories need to be continued, the beginnings at least seem fantastic. The intro is a very nice touch.
Hope to see more of these soon.

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