Happus Clan (Leaf Clan: Rise of Windstar)(Book 2)

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Happus Clan (Leaf Clan: Rise of Windstar)(Book 2)

Post  summerthepancake on Thu Nov 18, 2010 9:11 pm

The ‘main leafs’ dashed to their underground Root-Base; a flickering orb of light was planted into the wall, which lit the room up to a dim atmosphere. In the room were tables made completely of natural wood, around that were wooden chairs as well. As the Co Bosses and Legends of Leaf Clan piled in and took their seats, Rainbow walked in behind them. There was a silence for a moment and footsteps were heard.

Harilley the leader of Happus Clan walked in. He was a rather tall fellow, he had big round ears, a narrow snout, and yellow markings. Small clumps of mud tumbled down the entrance as his feet tread across the dirt ground; he stumbled and held on to the sides of the walls trying not to slip, the last thing he wanted was to be exposed as the true klutz he really is.

Rainbow stared at his failing attempt at not looking foolish in front of the most important members of Leaf Clan. Most of the leafs just rolled their eyes and went back to conversing. Harilley, after an unnecessary and long struggle, finally stepped onto flat ground.

“Hello, my new Leaf Friends!” he spoke proudly. “I am Harilley.” He extended his hand towards Rainbow and she slightly backed away, not knowing what he meant by that motion.

“Anyway,” he spoke, dusting his coat off as if he was brushing the awkwardness away, “I have come to my senses, and will finally make peace with your clan. Though our history is bad, that was in the past! We can forget all of this and move on; a brighter future lies ahead!” his voice was cheesy and it made the leafs look at each other with raised eyebrows. Rainbow stepped forward.

“Listen, Harilley,” she began to clarify, “We are alliances, which means we must work together as one. There is no turning back once you commit.”

Harilley nodded in compliance and, once again, extended his hand. Rainbow shook his hand firmly with a smirk and simply climbed out of the Root-Base; the other leafs following close behind. Harilley started to climb out, however, his foot tripped on a root that was sticking out from underneath and he face-planted into the muddy, clay-like soil.

~Wolf(COPYRIGHT 2010)


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