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Post  JetHatake on Thu Aug 05, 2010 10:49 am

Ok. So today ThatBitch (Clay) comes on and me and kevin were just fooling around and killing each other and stripping each other using the command. So he tells us to stop because its "Power Abusing". So we did, and then he strips ME, and he claims he did it so "kevin could have some fun". Dude wtf. so i got pissed of at him for being such a hypocrite so stripped him too, since he stripped me. Then he jailed me and when I came out of jail to TALKKK to the guy he jails me again. So I warp him to the jail, since I was just trying to talk and then he BANS me. So I get on my brothers account and unban myself and then I go back to talk to him and he does it AGAIN. So I unban myself again and i got pissed i started yelling at him like "DUDE WTF IM JUST TRYING TO TALK STOP BEING A FAGGOT AND STOP BANNING ME WE CAN TALK". Yes, your right, he banned me. Again. So I get onto my brothers account to TALK to the guy AGAAIN. And he decides to IP ban me. Dude wat the fuck. You stripped me so I stripped you, its NOT POWER ABUSE and calling you a Faggot ONCE is not "Admin Flaming". Technically you ABUSED your powers first,and then continued to do so.
Kevin can confirm this I swear, ThatBitch (Clay) has a oversized ego because hes "Co-Owner"/Lvl 5 gm and needs to calm down. I am ALSO a lvl 5 gm and I dont go around banning GMs for just having fun, and Kevin didnt even mind me killing him and stripping him. Kevin and I were just having fun.
And ok, if calling Clay a faggot ONCE is ACTUALLY Admin Flaming you can ban me for "Admin Flaming". But dont ip ban so my brother can still play, jeez.

I hope you read this mac. -____-;

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