Drake Park [GM App]

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Drake Park [GM App]

Post  drakepark on Thu Oct 14, 2010 7:45 pm

Date Of Birth:1996/09/24
Reason For Applying:I am applying because i am a stolenms player when it was very old the first version. and it was very long ago. and i have many experiences of gm/admin/owner. for. Stolenms (twice) Vintagestory and Fusionstory (Jacobs server). i have lots of experience on gm commands and i have almost been accepted on this other server i quit xD...

What you can change and or bring to HappyMS: I can help get rid hackers and bring more players to populate the server like last time. i can also distract hackers for enough time for players to log off so they can not be banned and/or wait for Mac to get on

Any other information:I am Jennys twin brother she will be GM thats one thing for sure ;P i am a Beta Tester from the original Stolenms i also helped the server with the community. What a Face <---- this thing is like scary xD....


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Re: Drake Park [GM App]

Post  ThatOwner on Thu Oct 14, 2010 7:48 pm

Dude your so nubish.

Thats why i want you as part of my Team.

Congrats Application Accepted.

Beta Testing Will Commence when i have the website open.

Good Luck Dude


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